Start or grow your cultural awareness and encourage your organisation to build a culturally safe workplace with Cultural iQ. 

At Cultrual iQ CIQ, we're passionate about bringing the path from cultural awareness to cultural intelligence to the forefront of education, both in the workplace and within communities. We believe that culture is the unifying factor in our diverse society, transcending differences in religion, beliefs, gender, and more. Our mission is to advance society for the better good, fostering an environment where every individual takes accountability for how they treat others and the planet.

Our Journey:
Reflect, Educate, and Transform

CIQ was born from a desire to make cultural intelligence education more accessible. We recognized the need for a platform that not only serves as a form of therapy for people of colour, making them feel seen and heard, but also enlightens others on their conscious or unconscious role in a system that needs mending. Our approach is two-way; it's about mutual understanding and growth.

Digital Accessibility:
Knowledge at Your Fingertips

In our quest to expand thinking and reach broader audiences, we embraced the digital world. By creating a remote, digital platform, we've made our knowledge and resources more accessible than ever. This move isn't just about convenience; it's about serving a greater purpose. We're here to facilitate self-reflection and provide a space for continuous learning and improvement.

Our Vision:
A World of Inclusive Understanding

At CIQ, we envision a world where cultural intelligence is the norm, not the exception. We're committed to guiding individuals and organisations on their journey towards greater cultural awareness and sensitivity. Through our programs, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, fostering a society that values and respects diversity in all its forms.

Join Us in Shaping a Culturally Intelligent Future

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Whether you're seeking to enhance your personal understanding or aiming to bring cultural intelligence into your organisation, CIQ is your partner in making a meaningful difference. Together, let's build a world where every interaction is enriched with cultural empathy and respect.

The value of Cultural Awareness

Gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous peoples. This program provides a comprehensive understanding of First Nations people to support the development of cultural awareness within the workplace and community.

Innovative program to support your workplace

A simple and innovative cultural learning program designed to boost your CulturaliQ in your people.  Developed for Australian private and public sector organisations, this program will enhance your businesses ability to engage and partner with First Nations peoples.

Self-directed learning supported by live Q&A

The self-directed lessons of CiQ allow you to engage with the written and video content at your own pace while engaging with other learners during live Q&A sessions with Cara & Adele Peek.  

Raise cultural awareness in the workplace

Learners develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories.

Build greater awareness of how to engage appropriately in the workplace, and to influence and contribute to Indigenous reconciliation.
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