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Discover the transformative power of the Cultural iQ program. Join us to unlock your cultural awareness, boost your CQ scores, and embrace self-education that drives meaningful outcomes. Enrol now to take your first step towards a world of cultural understanding, personal and organisational growth. 
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CiQ is a tax deductible learning and development program.
Cultivate a profound comprehension of First Nations people, cultures and perspectives. Learn about the rich tapestry of 500+ First Nations cultures and real life experiences.
  • Authors: Cara & Adele Peek
  • Level: All levels
  • Study time: 24 hours
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 4 Hours Live Coaching
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Course contents

What's included?

Online learning at your pace
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Designed as a multi-faceted scalable learning platform, the CiQ program will:
  • Create self reflective and aware individuals
  • ​ Enable organisations and individuals to recognise, reflect and respond in a Culturally Intelligent way to different situations​
  • Provide opportunity to assess and process real life experiences
  • ​ Increase understanding of the business risk resulting from a lack of Cultural Intelligence
  • Foster a culturally safe and culturally intelligent collegiate online community
  • Offer opportunities to scale with face to face workshops, sessions, events and bespoke engagements for companies
The program provides engaging self navigational tools for all employees and offers cultural tools for the workplace, in a non-intimidating space. Businesses and employees can increase their CQ scores and gain coveted credentials they can be proud of as an organisation.
Intelligent delivery to keep you engaged and provide opportunites to share and reflect,

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Program Delivery
Weekly Lessons 
LIVE Coaching
Core Topics

Lessons released weekly to keep you motivated

The CiQ Program is delivered via 4 modules each with 5 core lessons, and 1 x LIVE Cultural Coaching session 
Two lessons are released on the platform each week to complete in your own time, supported by LIVE Coaching every 3-weeks.  

4 x Cultural Coaching sessions delivered LIVE 

Cultural Coaching sessions are usually reserved for face to face programs only. The CiQ Program incoporates these to provide the opportunity for Q&A and the sharing of experiences by participants.
This is a “live” group coaching session delivered live via ZOOM. 

12 Weeks - 24 Hours Video - Resources - Coaching

The CiQ Program is delivered via 4 modules each with 5 core lessons, and 1 x Cultural Coaching session – to provide the opportunity for Q&A and the sharing of experiences by participants. This is a “live” group coaching session.

The CiQ Program Modules

Cultural Values, Cultural Competence, Cultural Barriers and Cultural Considerations. Each Module and lesson builds on the learnings in the previous session.

Improve your Cultural IQ Today

Equip yourself or your organisation to engage in deeper cultural awareness and immersion, while aligning your Cultural Intelligence (CiQ) throughout the entire hierarchy. Don't just take our word for it, see what our learners have to say. 

Josh Harris

Climate Friendly
TCIP has been integral in Climate Friendly’s reconciliation journey. TCIP continues to assist Climate Friendly to apply a Cultural Intelligence lens to all aspects of the business and agreement negotiations with Traditional Owners and peak bodies as well as our Reconciliation Action Plan. We see TCIP as a reliable resource to call upon and would highly recommend their services.
Your CiQ instructors

Cara Peek & Adele Peek

The best First Nation, Female led experts in Aboriginal strategic engagement and subject matter experts in cultural diversity and inclusion.

Cultural IQ Program

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The path to build your Cultural Intelligence starts here.
The Cultural iQ program helps companies and individuals elevate their cultural awareness, raise CQ scores, and implement self-education that creates meaningful outcomes.
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