Elevate your Cultural iQ

Raise your CQ score

Elevating Cultural Awareness

The CiQ Educational Platform provides access to an interactive training program that combines film, live calls, take home tasks, and group sessions. The more you learn and understand, the greater your CQ score will be.

Intelligent Educational Portals.

Awareness starts with open learning.
Empower your business + teams through meaningful education programs

Engaging self navigational tools for all employees. 

The program offers cultural tools for the workplace, in a non-intimidating space. Businesses and employees can increase their CQ scores and gain coveted credentials they can be proud of as an organisation.

Develop the cultural intelligence of your teams.

Elevate your cultural awareness, raise CQ scores, and implement self-education that creates meaningful outcomes.

What our students say about CiQ

Melanie Clark

North Metropolitan Health Servic
North Metropolitan Health Service Executive team, Chief Executive, Tony Dolan and North Metropolitan Health Service Board Chair, the Honourable Jim McGinty AM were very impressed with the work and grateful for your expertise.

Josh Harris

Climate Friendly
TCIP has been integral in Climate Friendly’s reconciliation journey. We see TCIP as a reliable resource to call upon and would highly recommend their programs.

Skye Glenday

Climate Friendly
The most valuable element of the training program was providing a safe space for our team to engage on what reconciliation meant for them personally ...and how they could apply cultural intelligence in their lives and work.”

Jenni Walke

First Nations Entreprenuer & Coach
Cara & Adele bring a wealth of knowledge to this program providing a fresh approach to cultural learning. The CIQ program will elevate the understanding of First Nations people for individuals and enable more effective and culturally aware engagement with First Nations peoples.

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