—   Advance your career and build your cultural competency

Build your cultural awareness on the way to Cultural Intelligence

Understanding First Nations cultures doesn't happen overnight, it is a journey from understanding and awareness to developing Cultural Intelligence.

The CiQ program helps build your Cultural Intelligence by providing world-class training programs that take you on a journey of understanding, engaging you in the history, cultures, challenges and impact of past policies on First Nations peoples.
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Elevate your
Cultural iQ

Raise CQ scores, and implement self-education that creates meaningful outcomes.
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—   Building awareness and understanding

Discover the power
of cultural learning

The Cultural iQ program helps companies and individuals to elevate their cultural awareness and raise their CiQ scores.  This program helps develop self-reflective and aware individuals, providing opportunities to assess and process real life experiences.

After delivering the CiQ program for many years and in various formats, Cara & Adele Peek designed CiQ as a multi-faceted scalable learning platform that connects you and your teams with a deeper understanding of First Nations peoples.  

Let’s make progress together

The Cultural iQ program helps companies of all shapes and sizes and individuals to elevate their cultural awareness, raise CQ scores, and implement self-education that creates meaningful outcomes.

Designed as a multi-faceted scalable learning platform, CiQ will:

For Individuals

Create self reflective and aware individuals​

For Organisations

Increase understanding of the business risk resulting from a lack of Cultural Intelligence

Improve Cultural Satefy

Enable organisations and individuals to recognise, reflect and respond in a Culturally Intelligent way to different situations​

Discuss with others

Share thoughts and ideas, increase connection and process real life experiences​
—   Our approach

Unpack structural challenges in our society

Cultural awareness recognises we are all shaped by our cultural background and experiences and the way we see the world influences how we interpret the world around us, understand ourselves and relate to other people.
The CiQ program will build your skills and understanding enabling more effective engagement through a deeper understanding of how a person’s culture may inform their values, behaviour, beliefs and basic assumptions.
  • Explore & Reflect  
  • Develop new perspectives
  • Understand impacts
  • Elevate your understanding
—   Skills to support engagement

Explore cultural issues that impact your business

With an expanding global market, it is essential that you and your team understand cultural differences and characterstics of First Nations peoples, to enable you to effectively and impactfully engage with the community. 

CiQ supports a deeper understanding of First Nations peoples, helping to increase your cultural knowledge and awareness of the diverse cultures and practices that exist.
Aboriginal man in traditional clothing - CiQ

Years of experience

Video Lessions

—   Our Cultural Intelligence Experts
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Cara Peek

"CiQ has been developed to elevate Australians understanding of First Nations people" 
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A multi-award-winning social disruptor from Remote Northern Australia, Cara identifies as many things, a Yawuru/Bunuba woman, a successful lawyer, a diverse entrepreneurial leader, and an innovative Cultural Intelligence Strategist.
Cara is the Head of Innovation and co-founder of the Cultural Intelligence Project Pty Ltd. 
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—   Our Cultural Intelligence Experts

Adele Peek

" One the  best First Nation, Female led experts in Aboriginal strategic engagement and subject matter experts in cultural diversity and inclusion." 
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Adele Peek is a First Nation Female Speaker, Adele is of Aboriginal and Chinese Heritage based in Broome, Western Australia. Adele believes in First Nations First and the need to lead the conversation.
Adele is the Head of Strategy and Co Founder of The Cultural Intelligence Project.
—   Testimonials

Our satisfied customers

Completing CiQ Education training has helped my work and life by…. better enabling my ability to put myself in others shoes that I'll never fully understand but need to try in order to better unpick the structual challenges in our society 
Calum Lindsay-Field
Act Now

Raise your CiQ and First Nations engagement to the
next level!

—   Our Approach

Build cultural safety in your business 


Online learning

Build engagement across the organisation

Experience meaningful change with the CiQ program through impactful videos and resources that will support your organisation to develop or deepend it's approach to First Nations peoples.


Theory & practice

Understand First Nations Cultures

You will learn the theory and practical examples to develop a deeper understanding of First Nations cultures and how it impacts your workplace, community and your approach as leader, employee and organisation.


Variety of tools

Transform your way of thinking

The CiQ platform provides you an experience that will transform the way you think about First Nations peoples, cultural awareness and identity. We provide you with a variety of tools to make sure you gain the most out of the CiQ experience and transfer your learnings into your life.


Achieve your goals

Influence and Contribute

Recognise cultural gaps and gain knowledge and skill to influence and contribute to First Nations dialogue and discusssion. 
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Engage with First Nations people more effectively 

The CiQ program is ideal for decision makers, leaders, and individuals who engage with First Nation Australians on a regular basis, and who need key information and tools to engage effectively.
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CiQ Overview

Program Modules

Cultural Values

Understand the impact of Cultural values on identity, diversity, bias how it influecnces our behaviour.

Cultural Competence

Learn about cultural competence, the impact on how individuals work and how to develop it.

Cultural Considerations

Understand the impact of context and environment on the development of culture and how to build culturally safe workplaces,

Cultural Barriers

Explore cultural barriers in individuals and organisations, how to break these down and how to manage cultural barriers in the workplace,
—   Testimonials
North Metropolitan Health Service Executive team, Chief Executive, Tony Dolan and North Metropolitan Health Service Board Chair, the Honourable Jim McGinty AM were very impressed with the work and grateful for your expertise.
Melanie Clarke
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